How do you adjust auto dimming rear view mirror?

To change the dimming sensitivity level: Tap Settings in the Top view in the center display. Tap My CarMirrors and Convenience. Under Rearview Mirror Auto Dimming, select Normal, Dark or Light.

How do I adjust my rear-view mirror for night driving?

At night, remember to flip the tab on the bottom of the rearview mirror for nighttime driving. This dims the headlights of the cars behind you so the light reflected from the mirror into your eyes doesn’t blind you. A tip for tall people: if you are 6 feet tall or above, re-position the mirror entirely upside down.

How do you fix a dimming rear-view mirror?

Look at the back of the mirror and locate the sensors aligned there. Clean them off so that there is nothing blocking the sensors from the light. Shine a flashlight onto the sensors and see if the mirror dims. If not, then you may have a faulty sensor.

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Do all rear view mirrors have night mode?

Virtually all rearview mirrors include an anti-glare function, commonly called a “day-night” mirror. When headlights behind you reflect off the mirror, you can adjust it – or it adjusts automatically, depending on the mirror – to reduce the glare.

Why is there a switch on my rear view mirror?

It’s pretty simple, really. Your rear view mirror glass isn’t actually flat – it’s a wedge of glass that’s thicker on one end than the other. When you flip the switch at the bottom of the rearview mirror, the wedge moves. What this does is change the way light passes through it and how it’s reflected back.

Why does my rear view mirror stay dark?

There is a small sensor on the front usually bottom of the mirror housing. That senses light from cars behind you and completes a circuit that causes a gel inside the mirror to darken. You could have blocked or faulty sensor.

Can I upgrade my rear view mirror?

Rear View Mirror upgrades let you add features to your vehicle you may have never even thought of! If your vehicle has On-Star we can even keep it working and add these features with a On-Star compatible mirror upgrade! …

What is the auto button on rear view mirror?

When driving after dark, the automatic dimming function reduces glare in the rearview mirror from headlights behind you. Press the AUTO button to turn this function on and off. This function cancels when the shift lever is in Reverse (R).

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Does your rear view mirror automatically dim to reduce the glare when headlights are approaching from behind?

Does your rearview mirror automatically dim to reduce the glare when headlights are approaching from behind? Rear-approaching headlight glare can wreak havoc on your night driving vision. Mirror automatically dims as it detects glare – the brighter the glare the more the mirror dims.

What is auto dimming mirror with HomeLink?

The Auto Dimming Mirror with digital compass and HomeLink® automatically dims the harsh glare of reflecting lights. The HomeLink® feature allows you to program the mirror to activate your garage door(s), gate, home lighting, etc.

How does the auto dimming mirror work?

The mirror itself darkens when a light source hits it, thanks to electrochromism (which is why auto-dimming mirrors are also called electrochromic mirrors). An electrochromic material changes colour when charged by an electrical current. Send voltage through it, and it darkens. Remove the voltage, and it lightens.

How does manual dimming mirror work?

By flipping the tab, you change the angle of the mirror so that the headlights bounce off the silvered surface and away from your eyes, while a small amount bounces off the front surface of the glass so you can see a dim image of the headlights.

What type of mirror is a rear view mirror?

Convex mirrors have very wide field of view as they are curved outwards. So, the convex mirrors enable the driver to view much larger area than a plane mirror.