Frequent question: Is the rx8 rotary engine reliable?

Unfortunately, the 13B-MSP engine in the Rx-8 is extremely unreliable. However, most of the reliability issues are caused by poor maintenance and owners who do not understand the needs of rotary engines.

How long do rotary engines last RX-8?

How long will the RX-8 engine last? There are various answers and speculations as to how long a typical RENESIS engine can last for. Just like any other engine, taking the time to care for it properly will make it last longer than usual, however, that could mean 80,000 miles or less.

Can RX-8 be made reliable?

The Mazda RX-8 differs from most other coupes on the road, because it uses a unique powertrain and has four doors. Mazda has a good reputation for reliability and the RX-8 always performs well in the JD Power survey making it an interesting used proposition for buyers who want something a little different.

Are rotary engines reliable?

Unlike Piston engines, Rotaries are almost immune to catastrophic failure. In a piston motor, you can have a piston seize and cause all kinds of damage, but in a Rotary motor, while the engine will lose power, it will continue to produce a limited amount of power until it finally dies.

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Do RX-8 have alot of problems?

Problem: The RX-8 has the unique rotary style engine, and this version of the rotary engine has proven to be highly unreliable, particularly after 60,000 miles. Warranty companies say that Mazda have unofficially said that these engines do become unreliable and susceptible to problems at over 60,000 miles.

Why are RX8 so cheap?

Poor Fuel Economy & Daily Drivability

Another reason why the RX8 is cheap to buy now is because many are put off by the poor fuel economy of the car. Rotary engines might be small in size (and produce substantial power relative to that size) but they have a tendency to be thirsty.

Why do RX8 engines fail?

The problem is that there are so many different ways for an engine to fail: Excessive carbon buildup accelerates seal wear, causing compression loss (particularly a problem in automatic RX-8s) … Excessive carbon buildup causes the seals to stick, causing compression loss (particularly a problem in automatic RX-8s)

Are RX-8 expensive to maintain?

The annual maintenance cost of a Mazda RX-8 is $517. Repair and maintenance costs vary depending on age, mileage, location and shop.

Is the RX-8 a bad car?

The Mazda RX8 is an amazing car it sounds great and looks good too. It’s comfortable for a sports car and it is so much fun to drive. The reliability is below average but not terrible. It isn’t very expensive to fix the car either.

How unreliable are rotary engines?

Rotary engines have a low thermal efficiency as a result of a long combustion chamber and unburnt fuel making it to the exhaust. They also have problems with rotor sealing as a result of uneven temperatures in the combustion chamber since combustion only occurs in one portion of the engine.

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Is RX-8 good for drifting?

But no RX-8 has until now. Not just more thought out, it is definitely one of the best looking schemes on a drift car. … Very few people like rotary engines, and even fewer like the Mazda RX-8, but you can’t help but love Tony’s creation.

What year rx8 is the best one?

As the RX-8 didn’t change much over its seven year run, we’d recommend going with a 2010 or newer model due to the improvements in the engine that greatly reduce roughness, flooding and most importantly, oil consumption. If you’re on a budget and looking at an older model, try to find a low-mileage one-owner car.