You asked: How fast is the Traxxas Velineon motor?

Already capable of 35+mph, these models will still benefit dramatically from the addition of a brushless system. The Velineon system consists of a new brushless motor and the powerful VXL-3s Electronic Speed Control.

What is the fastest Traxxas motor?

Manufacturers are constantly pushing the boundaries and increasing the limits of RC cars, and we who drive them love it! So what is the fastest motor in the world of RC? The Traxxas X0-1 is the fastest electric RTR RC car. It can achieve 0 to 60-mph in only 2.3-seconds and reach 100-mph in 4.92-seconds.

How fast is the Velineon VXL-3s?

Use your stock battery or go with a more powerful 11.1V 3s LiPo battery to unlock the 60+mph potential of your vehicle with this brushless system powerhouse!

What is the fastest Traxxas brushless motor?

Extreme 6s Horsepower

High-output 6S power became a Traxxas staple with the award-winning E-Maxx and E-Revo Brushless Edition models as well as the Spartan superboat, but the XO-1’s 100mph mission required the most powerful brushless system yet. At more than 100mph, the XO-1 is basically pushing against a wall of air.

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How fast does the Traxxas VXL go?

The Velineon Brushless Power System launches Rustler VXL to speeds that reach beyond 70mph while Traxxas Stability Management keeps you in total control.

How many turns is the Traxxas Velineon motor?

Velineon 3500 Brushless Motor. 10-Turn, 3500kV. Optimized for extreme power and efficiency in 1/10 vehicles.

What size motor is a Velineon?

The Velineon 3500 motor is a 10-turn, 3500 kV motor optimized for the best speed and efficiency in lightweight 1/10 scale models. LiPo – Abbreviation for Lithium Polymer.

What does VXL mean in RC cars?

VXL is the name of their brushless system, which comes in most of their new cars. So it will fit your brushed system car no problems. 1.

How many amps is the Velineon ESC?

High-current capacity (320 amps peak) and two-stage thermal protection frees you from motor limits.

What motor is in the Traxxas xo1?

The $1100 XO-1 is complete out of the box, including a Traxxas/Castle brushless-electric motor called the Big Block. It generates 3.5 horsepower and can spin to 40,000 rpm.

How do I make my RC car faster?

How To Make Your RC Car Go Faster With The Same Motor – It’s Easy…

  1. Switch Out Your RC Car’s Tires.
  2. Upgrade The Batteries.
  3. Adjust The Gear Ratios.
  4. Change the Wheel bearings.
  5. Ditch The Weight.
  6. Practise Your Technique.

Do Lipo batteries make RC cars faster?

Conclusion. As the driver, upgrade the motor, ESC and choose a better RC car lipo battery, are the factors that make your RC car faster. Gens ace&Tattu lipo battery can give you the power and run-time you expect from the all Gens ace lipo batteries. Finally, wish you play fun.

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What’s the fastest RC car in the world?

“Traxxas claims its all-wheel-drive XO-1 is the world’s fastest ready-to-run, electric RC supercar. It says the XO-1 can hit 60 mph in 2.3 seconds and exceed 100 mph.

Is Traxxas VXL sensored?

Well-Known Member. In addition to strictly sensorless and strictly sensored controllers, there are two types of hybrid brushless controls. One type, such as the Traxxas Velineon VXL-3s, will automatically switch to sensored mode when a sensor loom is installed and sensors are detected.