What is the plate between the engine and transmission called?

A flexplate (or flex plate) is a metal disk that connects the output from an engine to the input of a torque converter in a car equipped with an automatic transmission. It takes the place of the flywheel found in a conventional manual transmission setup.

What is the thin metal plate between engine and transmission?

the “sheet metal” between the engine and tranny is the starter plate and the one on the bottom portion of the tranny is the flywheel inspection plate.

What is that metal between you and the engine called?

The pistons are attached to a piece of metal called a connecting rod. The connecting rod’s job is to transfer the force of the pressure shoving the piston down the cylinder bore to the crankshaft or “crank”. Providing the link between the piston and the crank, it is understandable how connecting rods earned their name.

What is a block plate?

Block Plates/ Starter Locator Plates. These plates have been referred to as block plates, starter index plates, block savers, locator plates and “that sheet metal thing between the engine and transmission”. … The bolts are designed to hold the starter to the bellhousing, not locate the starter.

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Do you need transmission spacer plate?

Yes, you need this. You’ll need one that matches up to your bell housing, not your engine block. And you’ll need to remove the transmission, clutch assembly, and flywheel to install it.

Is the transmission part of the engine?

Your transmission is a part of the engine that transforms power into torque. … Your transmission turns all of the motion in your engine into something that gets and keeps your car moving. Without a functioning transmission, your car won’t drive.

What are the moving parts of an engine?

The moving parts of an engine serve an important function—turning heat energy into mechanical motion. The principal moving parts are the piston assembly, the connecting rods, the crankshaft assembly (including flywheel and vibration dampener),the camshaft, the valves, and the gear train.

What does a engine block plate do?

The block plate, also known as a separator or spacer plate, is a steel plate that goes between the engine and the bellhousing and is there to ensure perfect alignment between the starter Bendix drive and the flywheel ring gear and the transmission input shaft, the bellhousing and the crank.

What is a stamp cylinder block?

A plate block is a block of stamps from the edge of the sheet which shows the plate or cylinder from which the stamps were printed.

What is the purpose of a block plate?

the block plate orients the starter to the flywheel at the o.d.of the starter. try putting a starter on without the block plate and you will see the amount of float you have just using the bolts to line things up which results in poor starer to flywheel contact and ruined starters.

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