Quick Answer: What should you do when allowing the other vehicle to overtake?

The driver of a vehicle overtaking another vehicle proceeding in the same direction shall pass to the left thereof at a safe distance and shall not again drive to the right side of the roadway until safely clear of the overtaken vehicle.

What should you do when overtaking another vehicle?

When driving a vehicle being overtaken by another vehicle, you must:

  1. keep to the left, if safe, to allow a reasonable space for the overtaking vehicle to pass or.
  2. keep within your lane and.
  3. not increase your speed until the other vehicle has completely overtaken your vehicle and returned to the lane or line of traffic.

When you allow a vehicle to overtake you must?

Allow other vehicles to pass or overtake you, when they desire to, as and when the road and traffic conditions permit you to do so. Unnecessary racing for fun should be avoided. Never accelerate when being overtaken. Overtake only on the right, unless the driver in front of you has signaled that he is turning right.

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What should you do when another vehicle is about to overtake and pass you?

If another vehicle is passing you, slow down a bit and let the other vehicle pass you safely. Never speed up when a vehicle is trying to pass you; this is not a friendly and thoughtful way of sharing the road and, most importantly, it is very dangerous in a two-lane road to speed up when another vehicle is passing you.

What are the rules that you should follow when overtaking?

“Overtaking a vehicle – The driver of any motor vehicle overtaking another vehicle proceeding in the same direction shall pass at a safe distance to the left thereof, and shall not again drive to the right side of the highway until safety clear of such overtaken vehicle except that on a highway, within a business or …

When can you overtake?

It is illegal if there are signs or road markings clearly prohibiting it, or if it’s done in an unsafe, reckless or uncontrolled way. Examples of this include when you don’t have clear visibility of the road ahead – maybe in poor weather, such as rain or fog – or if you must break the speed limit in order to overtake.

How do you overtake a car?

When overtaking an ongoing car, you should:

  1. Scan for hazards, e.g., oncoming vehicles, vehicles approaching from rear, merging vehicles;
  2. Check for blind spots;
  3. Signal your intention and accelerate into passing lane;
  4. Accelerate quickly to an appropriate speed;
  5. Concentrate on the path ahead;

How do you let someone overtake you?

If a driver is trying to overtake you, maintain a steady course and speed, slowing down if necessary to let the vehicle pass. Never obstruct drivers who wish to pass.

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How do you indicate when overtaking?

Yes you must always indicate when overtaking another moving vehicle whether on a single carriageway or dual carriageway. It is not mandatory however to signal to the left once you have passed the vehicle to acknowledge your intention of moving back onto your side of the road – although you may do so regardless.

How should you respond to another car coming toward you in your lane?

Stay in the center of your lane, blow your horn, and brake. If another vehicle is approaching you head-on in your lane, you should first honk your horn to attract attention. If the other driver does not move over, try to escape to the right.

When passing another vehicle you are allowed to exceed the speed limit by?

It varies, but sometimes, when overtaking another car, you are allowed to exceed the speed limit by 10-15 mph. Typically, this applies to two-lane highways where the posted speed limit is 55 mph or higher.

What is the correct response when your vehicle starts to skid?

Most skids occur when conditions are slippery. If you find yourself in a skid, take your feet off the pedals. Stop braking and stop accelerating. Then, quickly turn the steering wheel in the direction you want to go.

How do you overtake safely?

How to overtake safely

  1. check the road ahead is clear, with enough distance for you to safely overtake.
  2. check side streets and other lanes to make sure nothing will enter your overtaking space.
  3. check mirrors and blind spots for motorcycles and other vehicles.
  4. indicate to warn other drivers you intend to overtake.
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How do you overtake a car in India?

To allow the vehicle behind you to overtake, swing your right arm backward and forward in a semi-circular motion. Direction Indicators Better use directions indicstors instead of hands singlals and both in case of any emergancy. Wearing a Helmet for Two Wheeler Drivers is a statutory requirement.