Question: Is it legal to have profanity on a bumper sticker?

The court concluded that “the provision regulating profane words on bumper stickers reaches a substantial amount of constitutionally protected speech and unconstitutionally restricts freedom of expression” under the First Amendment.

Are offensive bumper stickers illegal?

There is nothing illegal about having a “thin blue line” sticker on your car. However, it’s also important to avoid any stickers that could indicate that you are a police officer, because impersonating law enforcement is illegal.

Can you get pulled over for a bumper sticker?

So, are bumper stickers a legal reason to be pulled over? … Cops won’t stop a driver for a non-offensive bumper sticker that isn’t doing something like blocking their view. But if a police officer has another valid reason to pull you over, an offensive bumper sticker could certainly add fuel to the fire.

Can you have obscene writing on your vehicle?

writing … [or] any sticker, decal, emblem or other device attached to a motor vehicle containing obscene descriptions, photographs, or depictions … commits a misdemeanor of the second degree …. But this covers mere home possession of obscenity, which is constitutionally protected under Stanley v.

What decals are illegal?

While each state has different wording and some allow for smaller stickers on the outer corners of windshields, it is illegal to have any type of sticker that impairs the driver’s vision in any way. This includes stickers that obstruct the windshield, back window, and side mirrors.

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Do luxury cars get pulled over less?

Generally speaking, it doesn’t appear as though luxury cars as a whole are pulled over less than regular cars. However, some models of luxury cars are less likely to get stopped than other luxury cars.

Should I put bumper stickers on my car?

But, as fun and quirky as they may be, bumper stickers can be extremely damaging to your car’s paint if you don’t apply and remove them correctly. … Any stickers that you put on your car should be marketed specifically as bumper or window stickers. Do not use normal, paper stickers on your car.

What are the religions on the Coexist bumper sticker?

I’m sure you have been driving around town before and right in front of you at the red light is a car with the bumper sticker that reads, “Coexist.” The word “Coexist” is written with the symbols of different world religions: the crescent moon of Islam, the peace sign, a gender equality symbol, the star of David …

Is it illegal to have swear words on car Ontario?

While we both may justifiably think that what you observed is in poor taste and the vehicle owner should not be able to do this sort of thing, it would never meet the criminal definition of obscene. There are no motor vehicle laws or bylaws that could be used in place of a criminal charge either.

What is Kaitlyn’s Law?

In the fall of 2001 the Governor of California signed into law Senate Bill 255, also known as Kaitlyn’s Law. Named for Kaitlyn Russell, a six-month old who died after being left alone in a parked car for more than two hours, the law makes it illegal for a child to be left unattended in a motor vehicle.

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