Is NAPA Auto Parts a private company?

Is NAPA Auto Parts a public company?

GPC serves numerous customers from more than 2,600 operations around the world, and has approximately 48,000 employees. It owns the NAPA Auto Parts brand.

Genuine Parts Company.

Type Public
Traded as NYSE: GPC S&P 500 Component
Founded 1925 Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Founder Carlyle Fraser
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.

Are NAPA Auto Parts privately owned?

Operations. There are over 6,000 NAPA Auto Parts stores across the United States. 1,142 NAPA stores are owned by Genuine Parts Company, and the remainder are independently owned.

Does NAPA sell to public?

NAPA does not manufacture, distribute, sell, or supply any product or automotive part. NAPA is a membership association that provides services to its members.

How much does a NAPA store owner make?

NAPA Auto Parts Salary FAQs

The salary trajectory of an Owner Operator ranges between locations and employers. The salary starts at $74,460 per year and goes up to $74,460 per year for the highest level of seniority.

Who is the parent company of NAPA Auto Parts?

Melbourne-based Exego Group owns the Repco brand which was founded in 1922. It also owns three other automotive businesses – Ashdown Ingram, McLeod Accessories and Motospecs – has more than 430 stores across Australia and employs more than 3800 people.

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Where is NAPA Auto headquarters?

Atlanta, GA
National Automotive Parts Association/Штаб-квартира
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