How much is car service and MOT?

How much is an MOT and service UK?

In 2021, the maximum fee for a car is £54.85 and £29.65 for a standard motorcycle. There’s a complete list on GOV.UK. Some MOT test centres will charge less than the maximum fee. You might find fees of £30, or even as low as £25, for an MOT.

What is the average cost of a full car service UK?

The average cost of a Full Service is £151.00. Prices range from £133 to £300. The average cost of a Major Service is £284.00. Prices range from £250 to £400.

Does a car service include MOT?

Car Servicing is recommended at regular intervals to maintain the condition and roadworthiness of your vehicle. The Service itself is set out by your vehicle’s manufacturer, and usually includes a more in-depth mechanical assessment of your car. … However, unlike the MOT test, Car Servicing is not required by law.

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What is a full service and MOT?

During a full service, a wide range of components under your car’s bonnet will be looked at that aren’t covered during an MOT. These include your car’s battery and its wiring, test electrics, coolant levels, high-voltage cables, brake fluid levels, power steering fluids, drive belts and brake pipes.

How long does an MOT and full service take?

A full car service takes longer than an MOT, but don’t worry; your car won’t be in the shop for weeks! In general, full car service time normally takes around 3 hours, assuming no significant issues are encountered, so you should normally have the car back the same day.

How much is an MOT test 2021?

2021MOT Costs

Class Vehicle type MOT fee
3 3-wheeled vehicles (up to 450kg unladen weight) £37.80
4 3-wheeled vehicles (over 450kg unladen weight) £54.85
4 Cars (up to 8 passenger seats) £54.85
4 Motor caravans £54.85

What does full service include?

A full service usually includes everything apart for any parts specified as requiring replacement in your vehicles servicing schedule, such as fuel filters, spark plugs etc. These can be added as chargeable extras or, some garages refer to it as a major service and will charge accordingly.

What’s the difference between a full service and a major service?

A major service is one of the most important services that your car will receive, it is essentially a complete overall check of the vehicle. … Everything included in a full service is in a major car service plus even more in-depth checks, spark plugs changed, brake fluid, suspension and fuel filters.

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How much is an average mot?

MOT costs

Vehicle class Maximum MOT fee
3-wheeled vehicles (up to 450kg unladen weight) 3 £37.80
3-wheeled vehicles (over 450kg unladen weight) 4 £54.85
Cars (up to 8 passenger seats) 4 £54.85
Motor caravans 4 £54.85

Should you get MOT or service first?

When booking a service and an MOT for your car, it’s best to complete the MOT first. This is because some of the faults identified during a service will also be flagged during an MOT, so getting the MOT done first will save you time and money.

Should I book MOT and service at same time?

Although MOTs are an annual legal requirement, while car services are not, it’s highly recommended to book in your service at the same time.

What is the difference between a service and a MOT?

An MOT is a mandatory test to ensure that your car is roadworthy; a service follows detailed guidelines, set out by the vehicle manufacturer and is designed to keep your car in peak condition. … So a car that passes its MOT is roadworthy, but it’s not necessarily running at optimum fitness.

What happens if I dont service my car?

By not servicing your car you are likely to find that its performance may deteriorate. This may mean that you start to hear strange noises, have little problems with general running and lights start to pop up all over the dashboard.

How long does a Halfords MOT and service take?

How long will my MOT take? An MOT will take between 45 minutes – 1 hour. You are able to leave you car with us and we can give you a call when your vehicle is ready.

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