How do you use the top tether car seat?

How do I tether my car seat to the top?

How do you use a top tether? ​The top tether will pass over the top of the vehicle seat, and hook onto the top tether point. The top tether point will either be in the boot, on the back of the vehicle seat, or it may be in the roof of the car.

Why do some car seats have a top tether?

An Isofix child seat is ‘plugged’ into the corresponding fitting points in the car, removing the need to use the car’s seat belts to secure it. An additional top tether or support leg is used to prevent the child seat titling or rotating in an impact.

How do you use a tethered car seat strap?

Once child restraint has been placed forward-facing against vehicle seat back, loosely attach tether hook to vehicle’s designated tether anchor. NOTE: Give special attention to whether the tether strap must be routed over or under the vehicle headrest. This will typically be noted in the vehicle owner’s manual.

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Do you use top tether rear facing?

Rear-facing car seats typically just use the lower anchors (a few can also use the top tether). Forward-facing car seats use the lower anchors AND top tether.

When should I use top tethering?

As soon as you install a forward-facing car seat with a harness (or convert your rear-facing to forward), you must use a top tether. Top tethers are meant to secure forward-facing seats to keep them from tipping forward in the event of a crash. Without the tether attached, a seat can be thrown 4 – 6 inches forward.

How does a car seat tether work?

What is a Tether? The tether is a strap attached to the top back of a convertible or combination seat, and it attaches to a tether anchor in the vehicle (sometimes older vehicle manuals will call it a “top strap”). We refer to it as the top tether since that’s a clear way to think of it.

Can you forward face without a tether?

Older Vehicles may not Accommodate Forward Facing Car Seats

In a car without tether anchors, the Graco Extend2Fit lets this 4 year old continue to safely rear face. … One option is continuing to rear face in a seat that accommodates a larger child.

How do you tether a car seat without an anchor?

Put the seat belt in the automatic locking mode

  1. Find the seat belt path in your car seat. …
  2. Insert the seat belt strap into the car-seat belt path. …
  3. After the belt is all the way out – insert the belt slack back into the retractor. …
  4. Now pull up on the seat belt strap. …
  5. Small kids require forward facing car seat.
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Does my car have a top tether point?

In most cars the top tether point is located on the back of the vehicle seat. Sometimes you can find it lower down at the base of the backrest, and in some cars it’s on the floor of the boot.

How tight should the top tether strap be?

Tips to check your Top Tether is attached & tightened correctly: Ensure the Top Tether Strap is taut, but not over-tight (over-tightening could cause the restraint to lift off the vehicle seat)

Does top tether go over headrest?

Most pickups instruct you to guide the tether strap through the routing loop behind the headrest on the seat you’re using.