Frequent question: Is protect my car a good insurance?

Is protect my car insurance real?

Protect My Car provides consumers with extended auto warranty plans that have real coverage for vehicles that are no longer covered by their manufacturer’s warranty. However, when you purchase a policy from Protect My Car, you could pay as little as $100.00 for your major repairs. …

Which car paint protection is best?

Top 5 Best Car Paint Protection Coating Products on the Market in 2021

Name Lasting
Micro Detailer MD Ceramic 600 Pro 7 Years Check Price
Car Guys Hybrid Spray Wax Sealant 2 Years Check Price
PaintArmor DIY Paint Protection 3 Months Check Price
CarPro Ceramic Paint Protection Kit 2 Years Check Price

Does Protect My Car cover struts?

These are parts like brake pads, rotors, fluids, windshield wipers, and spark plugs. As a result, struts are usually not covered. There are exceptions, however. At Protect My Car, we do not cover struts with our vehicle service contracts and our Ambassador plans, as we classify them as wear and tear parts.

How much is car Shield monthly?

CarShield Cost Per Month: The CarShield monthly cost starts at $99 per month with a maximum payment plan of two years and the option either to pay up front or over time, according to CarShield.

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Who owns protect car?

Protect My Car was acquired by Crestview Partners on Sep 6, 2018 .

How do I cancel protection on my car?

Canceling Protect My Car Over the Phone

  1. Fill out the Transfer or Cancelation Form.
  2. Dial 1-844-556-4762 to initiate the cancelation process.
  3. Send the cancelation form to Protect My Car, LLC 570 Carillon Parkway Suite 300 Saint Petersburg, FL 33716.

How long does paint protection last?

Most paint protection packages that are offered at car dealerships are sealants that last 6-12 months (or less depending on what they actually use and how well it is applied!) and aftermarket coatings offered by professional detailers last around 2-5 years.

What is the best way to protect your car paint?

Popular auto paint protection options include:

  1. Wax. Wax helps protect car paint against dirt and grime. …
  2. Sealant. A sealant is a synthetic product that simultaneously protects car paint and improves its gloss. …
  3. Ceramic Coat. A ceramic coat consists of a liquid polymer applied to a car’s exterior. …
  4. Clear Paint Protective Film.

How much does it cost to install paint Protection Film?

Film material cost $2-3k depending on the brand. 5-6 days time for two people work on one car, based on Australia minimum wage, $1400 for two people. Cost to access digital pattern software $100. Other essential chemical for installation $1-200.

What does bumper to bumper not cover?

Aside from excluding certain parts, the bumper-to-bumper warranty also does not cover repairs or replacements to parts that have a limited life span – also known as “wear” parts. Those include air, fuel and oil filters, brake pads, windshield wipers, light bulbs and sensors.

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What does protective asset protection cover?

Protective Asset Protection offers a comprehensive Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) Plan that covers minor dents and dings up to four inches in diameter that can be fully repaired using PDR methods.

What’s the best auto warranty company?

9 Best Used Car Warranty Companies

Best Used Car Warranty Companies Award Our Rating
#1 CARCHEX Best For Used Cars 4.4 stars
#2 Endurance Best Coverage 4.6 stars
#3 CarShield Best Value 4.2 stars
#4 Protect My Car Best Maintenance Benefits 4.3 stars