Can AAA tow your car without you there?

AAA membership is tied to the person and not the car which they had while purchasing membership , so the AAA member can get any Car towed, even if it is not their car. You just need to be driving it or be a passenger in the car and have your AAA membership card with you ,if you want the car to be towed.

Can I use my AAA for a friend if I’m not there?

Whether you need fuel, towing, or lock and key service, your AAA membership can be used to request assistance for someone other than yourself. AAA coverage is attached to your person, not your vehicle. Provided you are present, regardless of the owner of the set vehicle, services will be available.

Does AAA tow non members?

Only AAA Members are entitled to towing service. If you’re a passenger in a friend or family member’s car and the vehicle needs a tow, however, you’re entitled to tow service for that incident.

Can I use my roadside assistance for someone else?

If you’re a AAA member, your coverage is tied to the person, so you can use it even if you’re a passenger in someone else’s vehicle. If you purchased your coverage through your insurance, it’s tied to your vehicle, so you cannot use it as a passenger in someone else’s car.

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What is AAA towing policy?

When your vehicle cannot be started or safely driven, it will be towed without charge to a destination of your choice up to five miles from the point of breakdown for Classic members and up to 100 miles for Plus members. … Only one tow per mechanical breakdown can be made at AAA’s expense.

Does AAA cover the car or the driver?

Your AAA Membership covers you rather than your car. That means that YOU are covered for Emergency Road Services in any vehicle you are driving or riding in as long as that type of vehicle is covered. You could be in a friend’s car and, if it breaks down, you are covered.

Does a car need to be insured to be towed?

Can you tow an uninsured car? … When using a tow-bar the towed vehicle will be legally classed as a trailer, so provided your own car insurance policy includes cover for pulling a trailer (or you take out a standalone trailer insurance policy) the towed vehicle won’t need its own car insurance policy.

Can AAA jump my car?

We can test your car’s battery for free, and jump-start or replace it on the spot if needed.

Do AAA members have to live in same house?

Primary Member – The Primary Member is the first person in the household to join AAA. Membership includes Emergency Roadside Assistance and all other services and benefits. Associate Member – Associate Membership is available to any individuals residing in the same household as the Primary Member.

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Can I use my car insurance to tow another car?

Roadside assistance on auto insurance policies will often provide towing, up to a certain distance specified on your policy. … Some insurance companies may cover towing if you’re involved in a covered accident, even if you don’t carry roadside assistance coverage.

What info does AAA need to tow a car?

There’s no need to keep your vehicle info on file or worry about coverage when you’re traveling with others. All you’ll need to do is have your AAA membership card handy as well as your license/ID to receive AAA roadside and towing services.

How can I get a free tow?

5 Ways to Get Cheap (or Free) Roadside Assistance

  1. Automakers. Some new and used cars come with a warranty that covers roadside assistance.
  2. Credit card companies. Some credit card companies (like Bank of America) offer roadside assistance free.
  3. Auto insurance providers. …
  4. Wireless service providers. …
  5. Auto clubs.