Best answer: What size generator do I need to run a 3hp motor?

What size generator do I need to run a 3 HP motor?

A generator rated 3 kVA will run a 3 hp motor. The engine that drives the generator may be rated 4 hp. If the motor load is hard starting, then you might need a larger generator, 4–5 kVA. Usually generators are rated in kilowatts, so a 3kW generator could be large enough, 4kW will work ok in most all cases.

What size generator do I need for 3hp compressor?

Strictly speaking 3hp will be a 3kw, but no way will a small 3kw generator cope with a big electric motor starting current. I’d think you’d want at least double the capacity ie 6kw.

How many watts is a 3 HP motor?

Approximate Running Wattage

Approximate Starting Wattage Approximate Running Wattage
Capacitor Start Induction Run 1 1/2Horsepower 4200 1600
Capacitor Start Induction Run 2 Horsepower 5100 2000
Capacitor Start Induction Run 3 Horsepower 6800 3000
Capacitor Start Induction Run 4 Horsepower 9800 4800
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How many kVA is a 3hp motor?

Equivalent Horsepower and kVA Ratings

1 HP 0.933 kVA
2 HP 1.87 kVA
3 HP 2.8 kVA
4 HP 3.73 kVA

What size generator do I need to run a 2.2 kW motor?

So for example:

Single phase 2.2Kw motor : therefore the Generator will need to be 8.8kVA.

What size generator do I need to run a 2 hp motor?

Rule of Thumb

Electric Motor Size Minimum Generator Req’d (KVA) by Starting Method
HP KW S.D to KVA Size (Note 2)
1 0.75 2
1.5 1.1 3
2 1.5 4

What size generator do I need to run a 5hp air compressor?

A true 5 hp on 220 volts would require 28 amps to run on 220 or 6160 watts so at a minimum I would think 20,000 watt generator.

What size of generator do I need to run an air compressor?

Example: A 1 horsepower air compressor with a type L motor draws 10 amps at 120 volts or 1200 watts. 1200 watts x 6 = 7200 watts. A 7200 watt generator is required to run this compressor. Example: A circular saw runs a universal motor at 12.5 amps.

How many watts does a compressor pull?

A 220-volt compressor drawing 15 Amps uses 3,300 Watts, while a 110-volt compressor drawing 15 Amps uses 1,650 Watts. 2. If you divide the wattage by the running time, you can determine kilowatt hours.

How many amps does a 3 HP 3 phase motor draw?


HP 1 Phase Amps 3 Phase Amps
115 volt 575 volt
3 34 3.9
5 56 6.1
7-1/2 80 9

How many watts does a 3 HP well pump use?

GeneratorJoe Generator Wattage Guide

Household & Office Running Wattage Starting Wattage
Pump, Well, 1 – 1/2 HP 2500 5000
Pump, Well, 2 HP 3750 7500
Pump, Well, 3 HP 5000 10000
Pump, Well, 5 HP 7500 15000
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How many watts does a refrigerator use?

The average home refrigerator uses 350-780 watts. Refrigerator power usage depends on different factors, such as what kind of fridge you own, its size and age, the kitchen’s ambient temperature, the type of refrigerator, and where you place it.

WHAT CAN 3.5 kVA generator carry?

This is one of the very good 3.5KVA generators obtainable in the market. It can comfortably power heavy appliances in the home such as a large sized freezer, air conditioners etc. It is able to do this as a result of the optimized alternator design it features.

What size generator do I need to run a motor?

Here’s a simple rule for estimating the size of an engine-generator set for motor starting: 1kW of generator set rating per each 3/4 to 1 hp of motor nameplate.

How do I calculate how much power I need for a generator?

How do you determine what size generator you need? Total the wattages of all small appliances, tools, and light bulbs to be operated at the same time. Most appliances have labels showing wattage (if volts and amps are given: volts x amps = wattage (VA) times power factor).